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Garden photos

In Photography on July 1, 2009 at 11:17 am

It’s July and the garden is in full bloom. Here are some pictures. I realize now that I took a bunch of closeups so you can’t see the overall height and maturity of the plants themselves. So, instead, just enjoy the closeup details.

The cilantro is doing great. Here’s a closeup of a few of the leaves:

The basil is looking a little sad in this photo, though it’s doing good overall:

The cherry tomatoes have fruit aplenty. It’s still green but we can’t wait until it turns red:

The bell pepper plant is looking great, but there’s no sign of fruit forming. Is that a bad sign? This is the first year trying bell peppers, so we’re not sure what to expect:

Unfortunately, we have a wasp nest not too far from the garden. On a positive note, they don’t bother us:

Thanks to Emily — I shamelessly copied her idea for the post.


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